Better than Blessed

Since I took up the blogging venue I have posted my ideas my thoughts and honoring of people who serve in our community in some capacity since taking on this on the blogging venue I have been tremendously blessed I now have 22 followers I thank God for each and everyone of you the dashboard of my site have reached into the international rim with visitors visiting from Canada as recent as this week. will be a unique site I don’t expect this site to become a mega blogsite but I will guarantee as sole editor of the site the content will be of real source ,educational and informative there will be no infringing my beliefs on anyone just my thoughts and opinions.I’m aware that some posts may not be popular posts that’s the reason for my tagline so visitors will know what they are embarking on when they view the site

God has been good to me and my family I believe it’s important to share the goodness in life as well as the heartaches of life I am extremely grateful for the things that I have although not in great quantity but of great quality since blogging is my second job because I have a fulltime job I have pre-scheduled some posts for the upcoming holiday with that said I wish everyone a Happy 4th of July weekend may God bless you all. c/o


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