Honoring Alashia Diggs CNA

Today we honor the glamorous Alashia Diggs a CNA who works at Henry County Healthcare she is always doing her task with a smile as she enjoys her gift of caregiving we honor her for hard work and dedication we simply say thank you for all that you do on a daily basis we say to you keep bringing those glamorous smiles and a special birthday wish to you coming up July 30,2016 be blessed.


Thank you Sen.John McCain

I don’t post much about politics on this blog but in this case I have to make a exception I am glad the repealed version of the president’s proposal didn’t pass because majority of us will have to pay higher premiums in our health insurance as a diabetic and having a wife with medical conditions this is very important to me and I my experience with Obamacare wasn’t a great one either but we need something the president’s proposal was repeal now replace later I am almost certain if they got their heads out of their butts they could pass a meaningful healthcare bill just like they do when they pass raises for themselves they should remember who their bosses are when it’s not an election year and quit playing these dumb games with people’s lives.

In Memory of Tracy Webb Butler 1968-2017

It was Saturday July 22,2017 when we learned of the passing of this extraordinary young lady born to the late Melvin and Lillie Diggs she was one the 4 of the daughters Regina,Teresa being older then Alaisha and brother Marvin Diggs all of Paris,Tn originally they were a closed knit family they showed their closeness each and everytime they were together Mrs Butler passed suddenly Saturday Jul 22,2017 from an apparent asthma attack she was only 48 years old we extend our sincere condolences to the entire Diggs family be blessedpizap.com15009335417661

Honoring Minister Gail Perry

At this time we honor Minister Gail Perry a native of Humboldt,Tn she is married to Apostle Mark Perry,
Minister Perry has a legacy of her own and we honor her for her stance on family and her relationship with God she is a towering figure in the Humboldt,Tn area we simply say thank you for your service to our community and we also wish Minister Perry a happy birthday coming up on July 22,2016 be blessed.

Honoring Charles “Tommy “Veazey,U.S Army(ret)

Honoring Tommy Veazey of Cottage Grove,Tn ,Tommy served in the U.S military doing the Vietnam War since that time Tommy has worked in various industries around Henry County,Tn the carbuerator plant of Paris,Midland Brake,Inc and now Boyd’s LLC 
We honor Tommy for his service to our nation and we wish him well on an upcoming birthday coming up later in July,2016 we simply say thank you sir for your service be blessed.

Tithing and blessings

All my life I have heard it’s better to give than to receive which is true Bible does speak on bringing your tithing to the store house and God will open the windows of heaven and poor out blessings upon blessings but somewhere man has misused God’s word and used it for his own greed now according to the blessings I read about in the Bible they came back 10 fold like the widow woman who gave the prophet Elijah the last ho cake for it was all she had but in the end her cupboards were running over she had plenty there are more stories like this through out the Bible but like I said I am not a minister I am merely a sinner but here’s what I do know when you give from your heart and soul to God and the ministry according to the promises of God you’re supposed to be blessed you shouldn’t be having your lights shut off your cars repoed or be evicted from your home while others are riding around in Cadillac Escalade and living in two story houses God is not a man that he should lie he said heaven and Earth will pass away but my words abideth forever with that said man has screwed this up thinking their kids their family should be forsaken while others live the life of luxury there’s no Bible for that people think because Jesus said in one parable that the son of man has no place to lay his head that he was poor I suggest you read more carefully because there was treasurer that followed Jesus you don’t need treasurer if you don’t have no money so about my tithing I tithe I give back to the community and I can tell you it works I am not rich but I ain’t broke I don’t eat steak every night but my wife doesn’t have to cook every time we need to eat I don’t have to ask my children and other family members to help out on the bills I made because I am self sufficient I make 2 payments on 2 vehicles and I can get in them and go anywhere I want to so you can tithe and be blessed it works I encourage it but no where I read that you don’t take care of your family I did read if a man doesn’t take care of his family then he’s worse than a infidel and should have a millstone cast about his neck and cast into the sea so for those who can’t seem to get ahead and you are tithing something is wrong with you not God’s word this is my opinion in the matter be blessed.

Watch “The O.J. Simpson Story (Full Movie) 1995 RARE!” on YouTube

https://youtu.be/k97yjE0V3yI Today O.J Simpson was granted parole after serving almost 9 years for strong armed robbery with that said let’s take a look back at why O.J Simpson became a household name to began with let’s look at what became the trial of the century and what effect this had on race relations and domestic violence. I also might add this post is not a support for or a rally against any character portrayed in this post this is only a look back at how this has all played out over the years.

Honoring Another Minority owned business


This establisment was opened in March,2012 by Gwen Kinchelow along with her husband and daughters located on 29 S.Church Street in the city of Brownsville,Tn it is famously known for the fabulous wings they serve as well as a host of other soul food ,the owners stress and take pride in serving healthy and nutritious foods today we pay homage to the Kinchelow family for services to their community of Brownsville Tn and West Tennessee we cordially invite you whenever you’re visiting the Brownsville Tn area drop in for some of the best wings in town Ksplace 29 S, Church Street Brownsville Tn let’s support our minority owned businesses throughout West Tennessee be blessed.

Watch “1967 NBC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT : “SUMMER OF 67″(Aftermath Of Detroit Race Riots Of 1967)” on YouTube

https://youtu.be/_hOoW0U6g_E later this summer there’s a movie coming out about these events that happened in this American city about 50 years ago I personally have and had family living in Detroit then and now so I decided to share this actual news clip from the real Detroit,1967 to give you a heads up what this movie is representing by all means go see the movie I think it’s going to be one of the all time great.

Honoring Vickie Thornton,cna

At this time we honor the service of Vickie Thornton,who has worked as a CNA @ Paris Healthcare for a number of years.
Vickie is known to put heart and soul into her job in 1998 she received caregiver of the year award there is absolutely none other like her she is in the elite group of caregivers that is actually there for the residents and not paycheck with that being said we honor Mrs Vickie Thornton for her service in healthcare we simply say thank you for your service and to that end we wish you a blessed birthday be blessed.

Honoring Elder Percy Johnson Sr,minister

Honoring one of the most,dynamic and talented ministers of all time,born in Maury City,Tn on July 7,1953 he is the son of the late Finis L.Johnson 1911-1979,and Lennie (Jelks) Johnson 1914-1989.
Elder Johnson comes from a family dynasty of singers 8 children in all he being the youngest son he would pack out churches with his soulful solo performances,along with his younger sister Marva Dell(Johnson)Edwards.
The Johnson family were prominent members of Williams Chapel Baptist Church of Friendship,TN Elder Johnson would remain a member there until 1979 after the passing of his father.
In 1972 Elder Johnson married the love of his life Shirley F.Shutes with 2 children from previous relationships the couple would have a total of 4 children they are as follows,Sandra,Jerry(from previous relationships of Shirley F.Shutes and Equala Evon Johnson and Percy Johnson Jr (children between Shirley and Elder Johnson).Equala Evon passed in infancy in September,1973.
After leaving William’s Chapel in 1979 Elder Johnson along with his wife and 3 children joined Deliverance House of Prayer.Elder Johnson remains a member there today.
Elder Johnson is known for being a foot soldier for his church he served as chairman of deacon board being one of the 1st two deacons of the church along with Willie J.Collins Sr,he also served as praise conductor,and choir member.
Elder Johnson is also a graduate of West Tennessee Business College he continues to serve his church today.
At this time we honor Elder Johnson for his work in the church and community we wish him a happy birthday and we simply say thank you Elder Johnson for all that you do.

It is What it is

It is what it is,is a statement I use when either co-workers or family members comes to me for my input or advice on matters that they are dealing with or situations they are facing, Well today I take heed to my own advice because I have realized in dealing with people it is what it is I have to learn to except it and move on.

You can preach and teach ,shout and scream for people to do better for themselves or do better for their family but at the end of the day it is what it is until they are ready to face reality it is what it is.

My case is there’s that one stepchild who has weaseled his way around situations he’s created himself whether it be marital,financial,etc he weasels his way out by blaming everyone else but himself at age 35 he will not take responsibility for nothing when he tells stories he paints himself as a victim but the real victims are his children every child needs the love and care of both parents especially a young man needs the love and care of his father so that he will know how to conduct himself as man ,as many single mothers we have out there and the majority of them do a magnificent job ,but when it comes to teaching a young boy how to be a man only a man can truly do that because a woman will never know what it’s like to be a man, the same with single fathers majority of them do a magnificent job but they cannot teach a young girl how to be a woman a man will never know what it’s like walk in the shoes of a woman.

The moral of this story is the father that this post is about was not ready to be a father because it is 24/7 7/365 you have to love,chastise,teach ,instruct encourage,be their go to person but until adulthood you cannot be best friends with your child ,you have to be steady with your dicipline consistent and rewarding and loving when they do good or accomplish a goal all the blame should not be pushed on the spouse ,mother-in-laws and grandparents shouldn’t be brought into spousal spats because a marriage should only consist of 2 people in this case it’s totally the opposite only time will tell how well this family will function in the meantime it is what it is until they realize that they themselves must do better it is what it is.

Honoring Dorothy Emison,public service

Honoring one of Crockett County’s most valued citizens she was none other Dorothy J.Emison who worked many years as a bus driver for the Crockett County school system.
she had such a love for her family and community she always met you with a smile and encouraged all of her young bus passengers to do what was right,later in life Ms.Dorothy became ill and she was taken from us last fall she left a legacy with her children and grandchildren she will be forever missed we extend our condolences to her family and friends as we honor her memory.

The loss of an Angel

We learned that our friends Patti Roberson and her husband and family lost their son Tanner Roberson on yesterday I have had the honor of meeting Tanner and his family during my tenure at Henry County Healthcare although we do not know the pain of losing a child our hearts aches for those who have to endure such a loss with that said I offer my sincere condolences on behalf of myself and my wife to the family of Tanner Roberson RIP my buddy thanks for the joy you brought all of us until we meet again.

Watch “Baker In Supreme Court Gay Wedding Cake Jack Phillips Shares His Story | The View” on YouTube

I am sharing to add my incentive to the subject matter for years the church has been stuck on the 2 deadly sins same sex marriage and abortion but they stop right there they seem to have forgotten about adultery hatred fornication and greed this reminds me of a biblical passage when scribes and Pharisees came upon a adulterous woman and brought her to Jesus and said she was caught in the very actually she must be stoned Jesus said let him that is without sin cast the first stone . no one was stoned that day.we also have those who only bring up the Bible when their sin or habbits are under attack that tells me you know what the Bible says but refuse to obey it the Bible says love the sinner didn’t say to except the sin in my findings same sex marriage is a choice I don’t believe people are born to practice any kind of habbits .In the beginning God created Adam and Eve he knew they would have flawes but he gave them a choice not to eat of the forbidden fruit they were persuaded to eat the fruit and suffer the consequences everyone God ever used during biblical times were faced with choices from Abraham to Lot’s wife to Moses to Saul to Judas Iscariot and Peter and yes even Jesus Christ himself remember in the garden of Gethsemane he prayed to the Father that this cup be removed from him ,he even told Pilate you have no power over me unless it was given to you from above he could have called legions of Angels to stop the horrible things he endured during the crucifixion but chose not.With that said to those who defy the word of God stop using the Bible to justify for sins God is the same yesterday today and forever he hasn’t changed and the church folk who have selective sinning syndrome next time you attack the same sex marriage and abortion community make sure you also attack the adultery, hatred,glutany, greed a choir member smoking while pregnant is just as bad a abortion , going back for that extra piece of chicken when doctors have advised you that your type 2 diabetes and hypertension have skyrocketed to dangerous levels Bible says present your bodies as holy sacrifices for your bodies are not your own your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit so damaging your bodies willfuly is a sin the way I see it abortion and same sex marriage is not the only thing that will keep you out of heaven remove the beem from your own eye before attempting to remove the same from your brother’s eye.