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I am sharing to add my incentive to the subject matter for years the church has been stuck on the 2 deadly sins same sex marriage and abortion but they stop right there they seem to have forgotten about adultery hatred fornication and greed this reminds me of a biblical passage when scribes and Pharisees came upon a adulterous woman and brought her to Jesus and said she was caught in the very actually she must be stoned Jesus said let him that is without sin cast the first stone . no one was stoned that day.we also have those who only bring up the Bible when their sin or habbits are under attack that tells me you know what the Bible says but refuse to obey it the Bible says love the sinner didn’t say to except the sin in my findings same sex marriage is a choice I don’t believe people are born to practice any kind of habbits .In the beginning God created Adam and Eve he knew they would have flawes but he gave them a choice not to eat of the forbidden fruit they were persuaded to eat the fruit and suffer the consequences everyone God ever used during biblical times were faced with choices from Abraham to Lot’s wife to Moses to Saul to Judas Iscariot and Peter and yes even Jesus Christ himself remember in the garden of Gethsemane he prayed to the Father that this cup be removed from him ,he even told Pilate you have no power over me unless it was given to you from above he could have called legions of Angels to stop the horrible things he endured during the crucifixion but chose not.With that said to those who defy the word of God stop using the Bible to justify for sins God is the same yesterday today and forever he hasn’t changed and the church folk who have selective sinning syndrome next time you attack the same sex marriage and abortion community make sure you also attack the adultery, hatred,glutany, greed a choir member smoking while pregnant is just as bad a abortion , going back for that extra piece of chicken when doctors have advised you that your type 2 diabetes and hypertension have skyrocketed to dangerous levels Bible says present your bodies as holy sacrifices for your bodies are not your own your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit so damaging your bodies willfuly is a sin the way I see it abortion and same sex marriage is not the only thing that will keep you out of heaven remove the beem from your own eye before attempting to remove the same from your brother’s eye.


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