Honoring Elder Percy Johnson Sr,minister

Honoring one of the most,dynamic and talented ministers of all time,born in Maury City,Tn on July 7,1953 he is the son of the late Finis L.Johnson 1911-1979,and Lennie (Jelks) Johnson 1914-1989.
Elder Johnson comes from a family dynasty of singers 8 children in all he being the youngest son he would pack out churches with his soulful solo performances,along with his younger sister Marva Dell(Johnson)Edwards.
The Johnson family were prominent members of Williams Chapel Baptist Church of Friendship,TN Elder Johnson would remain a member there until 1979 after the passing of his father.
In 1972 Elder Johnson married the love of his life Shirley F.Shutes with 2 children from previous relationships the couple would have a total of 4 children they are as follows,Sandra,Jerry(from previous relationships of Shirley F.Shutes and Equala Evon Johnson and Percy Johnson Jr (children between Shirley and Elder Johnson).Equala Evon passed in infancy in September,1973.
After leaving William’s Chapel in 1979 Elder Johnson along with his wife and 3 children joined Deliverance House of Prayer.Elder Johnson remains a member there today.
Elder Johnson is known for being a foot soldier for his church he served as chairman of deacon board being one of the 1st two deacons of the church along with Willie J.Collins Sr,he also served as praise conductor,and choir member.
Elder Johnson is also a graduate of West Tennessee Business College he continues to serve his church today.
At this time we honor Elder Johnson for his work in the church and community we wish him a happy birthday and we simply say thank you Elder Johnson for all that you do.


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