Being real

today while I was out and about in my city of Paris, Tn I paid homage to the moving veterans memorial wall shook the hands of the veterans that were on hand and told them thanks for their service to our nation and also made a small donation to their cause as well as a small donation to the victims of hurricane Harvey,no I am not a saint,no I am not in a church building every time the doors are open no I don’t give seminars on YouTube telling you how to live I’m a regular person who sins daily like everyone else I just believe instead talking a good talk produce good actions that’s how you get people to change from their wicked ways you don’t condemn them to shame you produce a good name you don’t place blame you get in the game realize we’re all the same saying you’re something that you’re not is really lame doing things just to get Fame is wrong it’s got to be in the heart from the start be blessed.


Help for our family and friends in Texas On this Facebook page is phone number and email address to direct you to be of some assistance to those people who are suffering from the ravishing floods of hurricane Harvey that has as of now killed 37 people and have left many homeless you can contact Mary Shutes Crosby and Jerell Crosby associated of PrayOn Ministries.Org all the information is on this Facebook page click on the link to get email and phone number from the Crosby’s they are in Houston Tx that’s their home they’re seeing this first hand thanks in advance be blessed.

In memory of Harold Garrett

On this 10th anniversary of the passing of  Harold Garrett we reflect on the extraordinary educator he was I met him in 1981 while in 5th grade at the then Crockett Country Elementary School located on cherryville Rd Bells,Tn he commanded respect from all of his students and he treated all of them with respect he stressed the importance of education and physical fitness of young people on this somber anniversary we honor what he stood for and what he represented our condolences to his surviving family members.

Honoring Mildred Woodland(missionary)

Honoring Missionary Mildred Woodland of Brownsville,Tn she has made a career at Lasko Fitting,Inc of Brownsville,Tn in the early 1980’s she became a Missionary and began witnessing for Jesus,she is the second child of James and Mildred Shutes of Fruitvale,Tn ,Missionary Woodland had only one son Michael Shutes she is a grandmother and great grandmother ,she well loved throughout her community today on her birthday we honor services to our community we simply say thank you for all that you do ,on personal note we cherish your very existence,being the sole survivor of my mother’s siblings you have become a second Mother with that said I love you to the Moon and Beyond here’s to you I remember you playing this old song as a boy brings back fund memories HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE Tennessee Honors11898857_466371896870670_3194016894072370380_n

Hate is ugly you can say all of this is about heritage and history all you want when you get right down to it it’s down right hate these people are hiding behind pulpits,badges judge benches lawyer offices and even doctor offices it’s hard to know nowadays who can you really trust they smile in your face and stab you all in the back with that said be proud of your heritage be proud of who you are God chose your race and nationality and if he thought it was good enough for you then it shouldn’t matter to nobody else.

Honoring Cynthia Williams,RN

Honoring the late great Cynthia Williams she worked as RN @ Paris Healthcare for many years she was very big on family and her love for God.
She had roots in both Paris/Henry County,Tn and Jackson/Madison County,Tn she was full of energy and as you see in the photo she always had a big beautiful smile even when cancer began to claim her body she dealt with it head on just as she had done with other tragic events in her life she was a woman of courage and faith and she endured that format until her departure from this life last summer we had paid homage to her on our facebook page but we have since deleted that page in order to preserve the privacy of honorees and their families we offer a heartfelt condolences to her family and friends as we pay homage to a one of a kind Angel in the late Cynthia Williams 1950-2015.


Normally I don’t post two stories in one day but this crazed movement needs to be rebuked I just learned a life was lost in the height of this protest a group of ignorant fools holding on to a past that shouldn’t have never happened to begin with the Confederacy represented an enemy of the United States of America they believed in the right to own other human beings and even fought the civil war over it with that being said the Confederacy lost the war those succeeded states were readmitted back into the United States of America we became one nation again for those who still think the Confederate symbols are just heritage try telling that to the family of the people who were hurt today because they didn’t share the same beliefs as those white nationalists they were attempting to protest the removal of a Confederate symbol but they showed up in riot gear looking for a brawl we are facing a nuclear threat from North Korea and we have our own people who can’t seem to get over the results of a war that was lost 152 years ago and you wonder why minorities feel the way they do I seen these goons block Virginia State Police but in this same country if you’re of color you die over a broken tail light or simple traffic violation this is where the term white privilege come in to play and mind you these were crimes of violence from White people against other white people so we can stop it with the black on black crimes and our president offered almost nothing in the event of this domesticated act of terror these people stated that they actually gathered in his name for his campaign promises after 241 years of existence we have sent our young boys to die on foreign soil for the equal rights for others but we can’t make this possible in our own country something is wrong this should be treated as if the perpetrators were Muslims, Hispanic and black wrong is wrong shame on America for not seeing the whole picture for what’s going within her own borders.

Watch “Here’s Why Colin Kaepernick is Still Unemployed” on YouTube Guess I should touch on this again since it seems to keep popping up on the main stream media first let me clarify from a personal point of view I stand for the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem when I attend my bi weekly shows at SWAG wrestling a organization that I am affiliated with I stand with my hand over my heart for the national anthem I fly an American flag on my home I do it out of respect for the men and women who fight and give their lives for our freedom with that being said the same freedom those people have fought for are the rights in which Colin Kappernick is exercising just like the rest of us he’s entitled to his beliefs I share his beliefs I offer no criticism of him whatsoever we are supposed to put up with Confederate flags and memorabilia on public buildings and supposed to be silent because to some it’s considered heritage well it’s also American heritage to silently protest a system that is flawed no bridges were blocked no buildings were burned just a individual using a platform to his advantage to let his peers know that he feels substantial changes should be made so that everyone can have a fair shake at American Justice I can’t help but think if it were animals that were being wrongly shot and killed by law enforcement or any other organizations the whole nation would be in a outrage and you wonder why there are such slogans like black lives matter because it seems in some cases it doesn’t because if protest silently like other people have successfully done you get stripped of your promotions,etc but if you burn down businesses block traffic you’re called an animal or savages what do expect people to do when you don’t listen or hear their cries just to be equal this is all we ever wanted equality.

The roots of America

With the proposal for the the new immigration bill looming over the headlines I thought it would be important to share some intelligent insight on the matter when America was discovered it was discovered by Spanish and English settlers here in the South there’s bridges and cities named for these explorers such as Hernando De Soto then there’s the French factor where we have a entire state which have adopted the French and Indian culture the Spanish language has had such an impact on American society we have at least 10 major American cities that are Spanish oriented Los Angeles San Francisco San Diego San Jose San Antonio Orlando and others and for those uneducated bigots who think Spanish language originated from Mexico and Central and South America think again these languages originated from Europe from the nations of Spain and Portugal which is widley spoken in Latin America today Spanish has always been apart of the American history just like you say the Confederate flag is heritage well to others Spanish language is also heritage try saying Los Angeles in English next time you go to the airport for destination see where you end up good day.

Honoring the memory of Myrtle Stubblefield , caregiver 1942-2016

We honor the memory of one Ms.Myrtle Stubblefield although we had previously honored her on the facebook page we once had we have since removed that facebook page and we now primarily use this site only.
We could not go on and not pay tribute to one of Henry County’s most precious jewels she lit up a room everywhere she went she always had an encouraging word for the listening ear.
Ms.Myrtle worked many years @ Henry County Healthcare until she retired after a long tenure there she was a towering figure and she left a legacy that will always and forever be cherished with that being said we offer our condolences to her family and friends as we honor her memory gone from earth but forever more in our hearts in memory of Myrtle Stubblefield 1942-2016 RIP.

Honoring Sandra Devault RN

Honoring Sandra Devault a former RN @ Henry County Healthcare and resident of the Hollow Rock-Bruceton,Tn area.
Sandra took great pride in her work in healthcare and the co-workers as well as her patients were loved by her and she by them.
Sandra is a big UT fan she let it be known that she is a orange bleeder one of her all time favorite songs is Rocky Top Tennessee.
Today we honor this former RN and big UT fan we simply say thank you for all that you do and for your service in healthcare and we wish you the happiest birthday ever be blessed.