Honoring the memory of Myrtle Stubblefield , caregiver 1942-2016

We honor the memory of one Ms.Myrtle Stubblefield although we had previously honored her on the facebook page we once had we have since removed that facebook page and we now primarily use this site only.
We could not go on and not pay tribute to one of Henry County’s most precious jewels she lit up a room everywhere she went she always had an encouraging word for the listening ear.
Ms.Myrtle worked many years @ Henry County Healthcare until she retired after a long tenure there she was a towering figure and she left a legacy that will always and forever be cherished with that being said we offer our condolences to her family and friends as we honor her memory gone from earth but forever more in our hearts in memory of Myrtle Stubblefield 1942-2016 RIP.


Honoring Sandra Devault RN

Honoring Sandra Devault a former RN @ Henry County Healthcare and resident of the Hollow Rock-Bruceton,Tn area.
Sandra took great pride in her work in healthcare and the co-workers as well as her patients were loved by her and she by them.
Sandra is a big UT fan she let it be known that she is a orange bleeder one of her all time favorite songs is Rocky Top Tennessee.
Today we honor this former RN and big UT fan we simply say thank you for all that you do and for your service in healthcare and we wish you the happiest birthday ever be blessed.