The roots of America

With the proposal for the the new immigration bill looming over the headlines I thought it would be important to share some intelligent insight on the matter when America was discovered it was discovered by Spanish and English settlers here in the South there’s bridges and cities named for these explorers such as Hernando De Soto then there’s the French factor where we have a entire state which have adopted the French and Indian culture the Spanish language has had such an impact on American society we have at least 10 major American cities that are Spanish oriented Los Angeles San Francisco San Diego San Jose San Antonio Orlando and others and for those uneducated bigots who think Spanish language originated from Mexico and Central and South America think again these languages originated from Europe from the nations of Spain and Portugal which is widley spoken in Latin America today Spanish has always been apart of the American history just like you say the Confederate flag is heritage well to others Spanish language is also heritage try saying Los Angeles in English next time you go to the airport for destination see where you end up good day.


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