Watch “Here’s Why Colin Kaepernick is Still Unemployed” on YouTube Guess I should touch on this again since it seems to keep popping up on the main stream media first let me clarify from a personal point of view I stand for the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem when I attend my bi weekly shows at SWAG wrestling a organization that I am affiliated with I stand with my hand over my heart for the national anthem I fly an American flag on my home I do it out of respect for the men and women who fight and give their lives for our freedom with that being said the same freedom those people have fought for are the rights in which Colin Kappernick is exercising just like the rest of us he’s entitled to his beliefs I share his beliefs I offer no criticism of him whatsoever we are supposed to put up with Confederate flags and memorabilia on public buildings and supposed to be silent because to some it’s considered heritage well it’s also American heritage to silently protest a system that is flawed no bridges were blocked no buildings were burned just a individual using a platform to his advantage to let his peers know that he feels substantial changes should be made so that everyone can have a fair shake at American Justice I can’t help but think if it were animals that were being wrongly shot and killed by law enforcement or any other organizations the whole nation would be in a outrage and you wonder why there are such slogans like black lives matter because it seems in some cases it doesn’t because if protest silently like other people have successfully done you get stripped of your promotions,etc but if you burn down businesses block traffic you’re called an animal or savages what do expect people to do when you don’t listen or hear their cries just to be equal this is all we ever wanted equality.


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