Normally I don’t post two stories in one day but this crazed movement needs to be rebuked I just learned a life was lost in the height of this protest a group of ignorant fools holding on to a past that shouldn’t have never happened to begin with the Confederacy represented an enemy of the United States of America they believed in the right to own other human beings and even fought the civil war over it with that being said the Confederacy lost the war those succeeded states were readmitted back into the United States of America we became one nation again for those who still think the Confederate symbols are just heritage try telling that to the family of the people who were hurt today because they didn’t share the same beliefs as those white nationalists they were attempting to protest the removal of a Confederate symbol but they showed up in riot gear looking for a brawl we are facing a nuclear threat from North Korea and we have our own people who can’t seem to get over the results of a war that was lost 152 years ago and you wonder why minorities feel the way they do I seen these goons block Virginia State Police but in this same country if you’re of color you die over a broken tail light or simple traffic violation this is where the term white privilege come in to play and mind you these were crimes of violence from White people against other white people so we can stop it with the black on black crimes and our president offered almost nothing in the event of this domesticated act of terror these people stated that they actually gathered in his name for his campaign promises after 241 years of existence we have sent our young boys to die on foreign soil for the equal rights for others but we can’t make this possible in our own country something is wrong this should be treated as if the perpetrators were Muslims, Hispanic and black wrong is wrong shame on America for not seeing the whole picture for what’s going within her own borders.


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