The Good Friday Myth

For centuries we have been celebrating the Friday before Easter Sunday as good Friday in compliance with the scripture that Jesus rose on the first day of the week meaning Sunday after being in his tomb for 3 days but if you go back to Genesis it states during the creation of time the time of darkness and light was known as the first day with that said how is it then being that Jesus was crucified on Friday and rose on a Sunday was 3 days it’s not and the Bible never states Jesus died on a Friday, just like the modern day Sabbath that we now use Sunday for traditionally it was the seventh day that God rested after his creation note this was before any religion so miss me with the Jewish traditional Sabbath this was before the dawn of human kind but we also have humantized the Sabbath day moving to a Sunday and nowadays we don’t even recognize Sunday the way we once did we have made Easter Sunday and Christmas a commercial event a way for big retail corporations to fill their pockets promotion of figures like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus which biblically have nothing to do with the either holidays and we’re raised being taught these myths and we wonder why we have a society like we have the very thing that we are supposed to have faith and salvation in has been man-washed do your research get an understanding you’ll find that the Bible is really a great source and Jesus is more significant than on Easter Sunday and Christmas until next time be blessed Happy holy week.


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