Are we really a free nation

It’s only a matter of days the United States of America will celebrate it’s 242 years of existence . Since July 4,1776 we have seen many changes some for the better I might add started as a nation of immigrants who wanted a better way of life and to practice whatever religion they wanted without persecution but what was left out of

America’s history books the dreams were not intended for everyone case in point almost 100 years after the country was born black slaves were finally free of physical bondage but still systematically slaves, before that the native people were massacared and forbidden to practice their source of religion ,it was around 1920 when the women of this country was allowed to vote , since 1776 in every war America participated in women and people of color helped win these wars but when they were over they were still treated as second class citizens it wasn’t until the 1950s and 1960s that public schools were desegregated, and black people were allowed to vote without being harrassed fast forward to 2018 we have a government that tells NFL players that they can’t protest our civil conditions, if you speak out against the current powers that be or support the current powers that be you are persecuted asked to leave public establishments if you seek to come to America for better life our government officials are suggesting to do away with the legal process just send them back to country of origin, if you’re a part of a separatist group that is made up of minority ethnic groups your group will be dismantled but the KKK is allowed to hold rallies all over the nation have even launched presidential candidates who are either part of the organization or sympathizers of it, powerful rich men think women are pieces of property and last but not least we use the Bible to justify all the above so with that all being said one must ask are we really free here in America in the media we are hearing that a foreign country influenced our last presidential election are we really free is this what our military personnel are fighting and dying for, for people to be gunned down by rogued police officers who failed to protect and serve are we really free when a family in the San Francisco Bay area can’t enjoy a BBQ with family in a public park are we really free when a 8 year old girl has the police called on her for selling bottled water so she can go to Disneyland are really free when a Hispanic person can’t do his job without being harrassed something to think about this 4th of July when we’re shooting off fireworks and enjoying the BBQ are we really free , be blessed.


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