Telemarketers and Spammers

It has become a epidemic at least where I live and on this site for telemarketers and Spammers to overwhelm my phone with unwanted phone calls and spam that has nothing to do with this site such as home loans , etc this site has nothing to do with loans of any kind whatsoever, telemarketers are now tapping into local numbers as if they are in the same town these are mobile numbers and when you call in response the person answering has no recollection of the phone call if anyone else done this it would be considered harrasment so on yesterday I exercised my American right by voting in the primary at this time I would like to address my local and state representatives to put an end to this harrasment pass some kind legislation to stop these clowns from tapping into people’s private phone numbers and website harrassing people the rest of us has rights too this is merely my opinion have a blessed day.


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