Jerry Shutes is a bass player,color commentator for SWAG Wrestling,administrator for the following facebook pages Shutes Family,JWS Bass Covers and the website  West Tennessee Honors at   https://jerryshutes.wordpress.com .Jerry Shutes was born Oct 2,1971 at St.Mary’s Hospital in Humboldt,Tn he is the second child of Shirley F.Shutes-Johnson and oldest son of Charlie L.Foster the following year Shirley married Percy Johnson Sr who Jerry claims as his father.

In 1976 Jerry entered the Crockett County School system in 1979 Jerry’s family became members of Light of Life/DHP Ministries he became a member of DHP mass choir in 1986. In 1989 Jerry graduated from Crockett County High School and started work at Pictsweet Frozen Food,Inc in 1992 Jerry began working at Alamo Mills I Appel.Corp in 1994 Jerry met and married Ann (Lee)Shutes in 1995 Jerry and Ann left Crockett County and lived in various places in West Tennessee and Western Kentucky.

In 2003 Jerry began playing bass with various local musicians doing gigs at local Healthcare centers even joining a southern gospel Christian band with Benny Stockdale.In 2013 Jerry began getting involved in TIWF and SWAG Wrestling shows as a heel manager named Big J.Blackman he later became a color commentator.

Jerry enjoys time with family 2015 was the year he learned of his ancestrial lineage he learned that he is 85% African 14% European 1% Polynesian he met his cousins of European lineage Richard M.Shutes and Cissy Prestage and friended a  cousin  of African lineage Eva Porter.

In 2016 Jerry returned back to factory work after working years in the healthcare and retail industry he is also a blogger on West Tennessee Honors.

Jerry notes his religion as being a biblicalist /christian.,political affiliation is conservative independent and his ethnicity as a African American