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In memory of Harold Garrett

On this 10th anniversary of the passing of  Harold Garrett we reflect on the extraordinary educator he was I met him in 1981 while in 5th grade at the then Crockett Country Elementary School located on cherryville Rd Bells,Tn he commanded respect from all of his students and he treated all of them with respect he stressed the importance of education and physical fitness of young people on this somber anniversary we honor what he stood for and what he represented our condolences to his surviving family members.

Honoring Cynthia Williams,RN

Honoring the late great Cynthia Williams she worked as RN @ Paris Healthcare for many years she was very big on family and her love for God.
She had roots in both Paris/Henry County,Tn and Jackson/Madison County,Tn she was full of energy and as you see in the photo she always had a big beautiful smile even when cancer began to claim her body she dealt with it head on just as she had done with other tragic events in her life she was a woman of courage and faith and she endured that format until her departure from this life last summer we had paid homage to her on our facebook page but we have since deleted that page in order to preserve the privacy of honorees and their families we offer a heartfelt condolences to her family and friends as we pay homage to a one of a kind Angel in the late Cynthia Williams 1950-2015.

Honoring the memory of Myrtle Stubblefield , caregiver 1942-2016

We honor the memory of one Ms.Myrtle Stubblefield although we had previously honored her on the facebook page we once had we have since removed that facebook page and we now primarily use this site only.
We could not go on and not pay tribute to one of Henry County’s most precious jewels she lit up a room everywhere she went she always had an encouraging word for the listening ear.
Ms.Myrtle worked many years @ Henry County Healthcare until she retired after a long tenure there she was a towering figure and she left a legacy that will always and forever be cherished with that being said we offer our condolences to her family and friends as we honor her memory gone from earth but forever more in our hearts in memory of Myrtle Stubblefield 1942-2016 RIP.

Honoring Minister Gail Perry

At this time we honor Minister Gail Perry a native of Humboldt,Tn she is married to Apostle Mark Perry,
Minister Perry has a legacy of her own and we honor her for her stance on family and her relationship with God she is a towering figure in the Humboldt,Tn area we simply say thank you for your service to our community and we also wish Minister Perry a happy birthday coming up on July 22,2016 be blessed.

Honoring Vickie Thornton,cna

At this time we honor the service of Vickie Thornton,who has worked as a CNA @ Paris Healthcare for a number of years.
Vickie is known to put heart and soul into her job in 1998 she received caregiver of the year award there is absolutely none other like her she is in the elite group of caregivers that is actually there for the residents and not paycheck with that being said we honor Mrs Vickie Thornton for her service in healthcare we simply say thank you for your service and to that end we wish you a blessed birthday be blessed.

Honoring Dorothy Emison,public service

Honoring one of Crockett County’s most valued citizens she was none other Dorothy J.Emison who worked many years as a bus driver for the Crockett County school system.
she had such a love for her family and community she always met you with a smile and encouraged all of her young bus passengers to do what was right,later in life Ms.Dorothy became ill and she was taken from us last fall she left a legacy with her children and grandchildren she will be forever missed we extend our condolences to her family and friends as we honor her memory.

Honoring Bishop Nathaniel Bond

At this time we honor one of West Tennessee’s most dynamic ministers of all  time none other than Bishop Nathaniel Bond born Nathaniel Lewis Bond to the late Luberta Bonds and the late Willie Lewis Bond in the small town in southwestern Madison Co,Tn of Mercer,Tn. the Bishop was the only the child of the couple his father was heavy into local sports and was well respected in West Tennessee as well in the Chicago area, his mother Luberta Bond a spiritual leader very active in the church,the Bishop would grow up around his cousins playing basketball with fellow West High classmates,but on a hot July Saturday night in 1972 the Bishop’s life would change forever because at that point at the tender age of 17 he gave his life to God a few years afterwards he was called into the ministry he became a evangelist living in and around Decatur,Il and Danville,Il he would later hearken the voice of the Lord and move back to his native Tennessee at this point he had married Lady Norma J.Thompson and they have the following children Marcia,Acunda,Nadine,and Nicole all prosperous adults now with their own legacies.
In 1979 Bishop founded and created Deliverance House of Prayer,Inc at this time it was located in the western area of Jackson,Tn in a area known to many as the Red Lane/Boone Lane area later around early 1980 the church moved to a store front building at 431 N.Royal St,Jackson,Tn for a brief time the church was at a park pavilion in Humboldt,Tn after a series of tent revivals throughout West Tennessee.
In 1981 the church was moved to 412 E.Main St Bells,Tn by 1983 the church moved to it’s present-day location 111 Huntersville/Denmark RD in Western Madison County.
In recent years Deliverance House of Prayer has become incorporated into Light of Life Ministries.
Bishop Bond along with the DHP Ensemble are world renowned and Stella Award winners,Bishop in his own right is also world renowned for his ministry his ministry is televised and is heard over the radio waves as well as internet and social media venues.
With that said we are proud of this ambassador for the Kingdom we honor him for his service to his community we wish him a blessed birthday on June 20th and because of his position in the Church we honor on this Father’s Day be blessed.

Honoring Coach Tony Shutes

On this day we honor the man the legend in Coach Tony Shutes who started his career in sports in the early 1980’s but before that Tony was an accomplished basketball player for the then Bells High School Eagles,after that he continued his education at Union University of Jackson,Tn he worked at the YMCA of Jackson and K-Mart to help put himself through school. Tony was raised by his late grandparents James and Mildred Shutes after his mother Mary B.Shutes-Theus decided raising him in Detroit,Mi wasn’t a good idea. Tony would later take care of his elderly grandparents until their deaths in 2009 and 2010,Tony has been a towering figure in West Tennessee sports he was recently featured in the black history segment on Wbbj tv 7 back in February,2016. we are honoring Tony because he is what he says he is he has always had a love for sports and he pushes his team to strive to be the best on the courts and on the streets so on this day we honor Coach Tony Shutes and we wish him a happy birthday today and we simply say thank you sir for inspiring so many be blessed.

Honoring the late Min.Dorothy Lee

At this time we want to honor the late Minister Dorothy Lee who would have celebrated her  birthday on May 7.
She was taken from us last summer but she left behind a legacy as she was always inspiring and encouraging the younger generation of her church and community.
Min.Lee was married to Marvin Lee one of the lead singers of the gospel group the Lee Brothers of Stanton,Tn together they had 3 outstanding young men their sons are Jermaine,Tiant, and Cedric Lee all with inspiring legacies of their own.
Min.Lee was a associate minister for her church Light of Life/DHP Ministries of Jackson,Tn there she served as usher during the early tenure of her membership as well as sunday school teacher for the young adults.
Min.Lee was a towering figure in the West Tennessee area she will never be duplicated on this day we honor her memory we offer our condolences to her family and friends although gone from earth she lives forever more in our hearts in memory of Minister Dorothy Lee 1949-2015.

Honoring Morna Hutcherson,RN

Honoring Ms.Morna Hutcherson for all that she does on a daily basis whenever you see her she has such a heavenly presence about her although she has problems like the rest of us you’ll never know it because she is a true professional with that being said we honor Ms Morna for her work in healthcare and for her being the outstanding person she is to that end we say thank you and Happy birthday be blessed.

A life of honesty and hardwork

James Arthur Shutes my maternal grandfather was born May 2,1919 he was the oldest son of Welborn and Mattie Shutes in rural Crockett Co,Ten in November,1940 he met and married Mildred Johnson and they had 5 children Mary Bell Theus,Mildred Louise Woodland,James Thomas Shutes Sr,Shirley F.Johnson,and Lynn Rosse  Shutes.In Oct,1944 his father Welborn died at age 54 he took it upon himself to assist his mother with his younger siblings as well as raise his own children in June,1948 his mother Mattie passed away at age 43 his older sister Marie Hudson took up the responsibility of raising the younger siblings.My grandfather took various jobs over the years he worked as a sharecropper ,farmer,and factory hand.when I was born in 1971 my grandfather had already been a father figure to most of his grandchildren we all called him daddy he would hand till gardens,build utility sheds and still worked his day job though he wasn’t high school educated he was very smart he was a devout church person my grandmother was a missionary he worked closely with her in her missions.he never showed hate to anyone he rarely got angry and he always told us ”you got to love everybody”.in June, 2006 his older daughter Mary Bell passed he began to feel vulnerable after this my grandmother began to slip into dimensia and was soon admiited into a healthcare facility my cousin Tony was caring for both as best as he could he was the oldest of all the grandchildren and was raised by my grandparents.My grandfather who had beaten diabetes and was rarely sick began to have a series of health issues he had worked up into his early 80’s at this point he was at 90 years of age his body just simply gave out he passed away on June 15,2009 he is greatly missed his bride of 64 years passed six months later on February 7,2010 this is my tribute to a life of honesty and hard work in memory of James Arthur Shutes May 2,1919-June 15,2009

About Me

I Jerry Shutes was born October 2,1971 in Humboldt,Tn at St.Mary’s Hospital to my mother Shirley F.Shutes .I attended schools in the Bells and Crockett County School systems I was raised in the community of Fruitvale,Tn we lived there until November,1991 we then moved to Alamo,Tn there I met my wife Ann and we moved out of Crockett County in March,1995 we lived in Huntingdon,Mckenzie,Paducah and Murray,Ky before settling in Paris,Tn

I worked in different settings such  as apparrell,motor,and casework manufactoring,and also some grocery retail and and floral delivery and also in hobbies include playing bass covers and color commentating for SWAG Wrestling in Henry,Tn.

I recently started a few online pages West Tennessee Honors,Shutes Family,JWS Bass Covers,and a page dedicated to the memory of my mother Sis.Shirley F.Shutes-Johnson(inpirational page) I have now incorporated it into the network which includes the website https://jerryshutes.wordpress.com12026698_817959881655070_1120451725_n


My answer for police brutality in America starts in the home 1.) parents keep your children in church and raise them accordingly when this is done it will eliminate thuggery and bigotry if child is raised right he won’t be shooting people multiple times ,he won’t continue to disobey orders given to him by authority
with the right precautions a child will grow up with the understanding of doing unto others as you have them do unto you if you don’t want to be looked down on because of your religion or ethnicity then don’t do it to others, if you don’t want your son or daughter or any of your loved ones murdered and walking away un punished then don’t do it
Keep in mind we must not judge all based on a few bad actions this would be a sad nation worse than our current situation if we have no order.
with that being said police officers have my respect its the bigots and thugs on both sides of the law that disturbs me for they have no regard for human dignity in closing feces stinks no matter what color the butt it comes from.